Saturday, 12 March 2011

when we turn downward !

O.K.U .... Orang Kurang Upaya...what is on your mind when we are talking about  them ??? scared,excited or not interested  to talk about it  ??? for me..seriously... for the first time i'm scared to be close with them especially who are having mental retarded..SCARED !! tu yang dapat digambarkan..takut untuk dekat dengan mereka...bergaul dengan mereka...makan sekali dengan mereka...but after i join my class community service at Dayspring,Klang di mana menempatkan people who are having mental retarded...perkataan SCARED are now turn to LOVED  with them...memang bila kaki melangkah masuk kat Dayspring agak kecut perut.. * macam nak lari je...sebab first time datang kat tempat macam ni...i'm become tersentuh sebab we all disambut dengan penuh ramah with the full of respect from them !!bergenang airmata bila they all over there menghulurkan tangan for welcomed us to their place !! what the most RESPECTFUL from them ...banyak aktiviti yang we all conducted at aerobics,colouring contest,mini show and ETC..sangat BEST !!

*mak enon version KECIk..sangat comel !

*BEST dancer ever at Dayspring

*siti hajar with one of the student there..sangat cute and manja !

*no boundries between us !

*some of the vocasional student there ! PERAMAH !!!

*primary student of Dayspring!

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